Ancient works


The DotRed project is a multiplayer, Web-based, playful application that allows to unite around humanitarian and social actions users playing on the effect of mass of social networks and pointing the issues of transition from the virtual to the real. The first mission of DotRed raises issues related to social housing by offering Internet users to buy a ‘virtual Paris’ cut for the occasion into a parcels of 100 million m 2. Scholarship scam 2008 – exhibition centre Pompidou – may 2008 – selected ISEA2009, Belfast.

“… I have so I started for some time what I call “farms social networks”. I use the term livestock to his most pejorative sense possible because I think that the real demiurgic, those who control the code of these applications to social networks, are related to this spirit of control of the identity of the masses but I am aware that each, in its own way and reflexive way has the desire and the right to identify with these new territories… “.”

1400CM 3
1400cm 3 is a fun community platform and geographic type Web 2.0 which brings together several hundred spaces and which peaked in competition against Myspace-type entities. 1400cm 3 was put online in October 2006 on the occasion of a carte blanche for the newspaper Liberation.


The bewac is a public sound space on the Internet. By calling via a classical position, the sound material is recorded and broadcast in real time on the Internet.

Ekart is a digital broadcast centre shared, based on the use and spread of a key word via peer to peer networks. Ekart postulates the end of the Web.

MONITORING: Monitoring is a textual webcam on these billions of words that circulate in peer to peer networks and forming a collective mapping of the repressed desires.

Diary of “KIM WINGSENG”, first man teletransporte – Palais de Tokyo.

This Internet platform in peer to peer allows to broadcast and communicate on-line and several by video, sound and text.

MARGO: Performance – opening 8 – Follie’s pigalle, Paris
Margo is a virtual character who active in the wetness of the network of post-biologiques cultures.

HERO (ES): Exposure to des Beaux-Arts de LYON “The HALL”
The gradual arrival of the model of the network announces the end of the heroic artist to artist networks benefit.

Wonderland TV is a television collective work broadcast on the Internet that brings together more than 40 contemporary artists.


Snap shoot kill’art – opening 4, Château de Bionnay
Device for each artist and critic to give a camera ‘objective, discrete and without fault’ his opinion critical on the work of others.

is a public and independent audiovisual space on the Internet. stands as a video portal that brings together thousands of channels.

TV – art.NET is one of the first TV on the Internet. She has released more than 500 videos documents and proposed maps white to artists and art mediators.

SERIES “99% recycled Internet”
The series offers facilities that make the relationship between plastic body and the virtual body (the Internet):
Beauty cream “if I were you”.
The days keep me in sleep.
Caramels eden eden.
The Milky voice.

Hypertext book open to all experiences of otherness.