Paper Hard Disk

Paper Hard Disk Series is an initiative to safeguard against magnetic attacks of all kinds, a reflection on the fragility of our digital civilization.It offers the impression of a computer file on paper by narrowing its binary code, allowing its storage and reconstruction in case of loss. Differents projects has been made :

1 ) A printed A1 sheet with the entire bible (font size 1.7pt).

2 ) A serie of books printed with the binary code of movies (format A4, 600 pages).

– « The pier » from Chris Marker (Exhibition in Center Pompidou, 01/2013)
– « Trip to the moon » from Georges Méliès.(Exhibition Fiac 2012, Paris)

Presentation in PDF :  French version / / English version

Video of presentation at the Center Pompidou.

The project is originally a “carte blanche” for the online magazine