Festival Les bains numériques & festival Hemisphere, Maison des arts of Enghiens, April/July 2016.
Festival anachronism, space Gantner, Montbéliard, April 2016.
Festival Exit, Maison des arts de Créteil, Créteil, April 2016.
Email 2067, Centre Pompidou, March 2016
Festival «Interviews», Belfort, Dec 2015.
Festival “Vita nova”, Paris, Sept 2015.
Festival «Art in Essonne Science», Juvisy sur Orge, Nov 2015.
Festival «ISEA 2015″, Vancouver, Canada, August 2015.
Exhibition «virtual reality & brains connected», Lab Institute Google, Paris, may, 2015.
Exhibition Anachronism, Centre Imal, Brussels, Belgium, April 2015.
Exhibition «Virtual reality, Art and otherness,» Lab Institute Google, Paris, March, 2015.
Exhibition ‘Vrlab, art and virtuellel reality’, lyrical gaiety, Nov 2015.
Festival «ISEA 2014″, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Oct 2014.
Personal exhibition, Festival ‘Paths electronics», Acce (s), Pau, may 2014.
Festival “Digital footprints”, Toulouse, April 2014.
Collective exhibition ‘Manifesto degree 48’, the laboratories of aubervilliers, Aubervillers, Nov 2013.
Festival ‘Show Off’, Fiac, Espace Cardin, Paris, Oct 2013.
Exhibition, Maison Populaire, Montreuil, Sept-Dec 2013.
Exhibition «Rencontres Frasq», generator, Gentilly, Oct 2013.
Festival «Click», Nanterre, Oct 2013.
Exhibition Humanpedia, Jeu de Paume, Paris, April 2013.
Group exhibition, Gallery of Roussan, Paris, may 2013.
Festival ‘The Moments of inventions’, Nancy, may 2013.
Festival «Zonedream», Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, may 2013.
Festival «Boiling #5», Rennes, April/May, 2013.
Festival “off piste”, Centre Pompidou, Jan-Feb 2013.
Festival “Show off”, La Fiac, Paris, Oct 2012.
Exhibition “Night of museums”, Museum of fine arts of Nantes, June 2012.
Festival «DigitalChoc», French-Japanese Institute, Tokyo, June 2012.
Festival “Taste the future”, Henin Beaumont, June 2012.
«2062» exhibition, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, March, 2012.
Permanent exhibition clock 2067, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, 2012-2014
Exhibition digital, instead Multiple, Poitiers, 2011-2012.
Personal exhibition: “the future comes at the same time”, Gallery platform, Paris, June 2011.
Festival of the elm, the Zinc, Marseille, March 2011.
Enghiens Festival des bains, June 2010.
Exhibition “the worst is never certain”, Gallery of fine arts, Metz, may 2010.
Exhibition «Lift», Marseille, June 2010.
Festival «ISEA2009», Belfast, Ireland North, August 2009.
Exhibition NextGen to 104, Paris, Oct 2009.
Festival “Another story”, art center of Meudon, Feb 2009.
Festival space of white coats, Paris, Nov 2008.
Festival “Reality”, the virtual worlds, Paris, Nov 2008.
Festival «Digital night», Reims, Oct 2008.
Night white 2008, Centre Fleury, Barbara Goutte d’Or, Oct 2008.
Production & exhibition project DOTRED, Centre Pompidou, Paris, may 2008.
Festival «Vidéoformes», Clermont Ferrand, March 2008.
Performance RG2012, Internet my love, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Feb 2008.
Exhibition Nuit blanche, Hotel d’Albret, Paris, Oct 2007.
Exhibition, 00130gallery, Helsinky, Finland, 2007.
Expo personal “XOR”, Gallery of the young creation, Paris, June 2006.
Festival «File», Brazil, 2006
Festival “Version > 04 ‘, Chicago, USA, 2004.
Festival «T-Deus’, Brussels, Belgium, April 2004.
Collective Expo, Console, Paris, April 2004.
Expo “HEROESSE”, the Hall of fine arts of Lyon, Lyon, 2001.
Collective Expo – Diary “KIM WINGSENG”, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2001.
Exhibition “cinemas of tomorrow”, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2001.
Festival “Viper”, Basel, Switzerland, 2000.
«International du nouveau cinema & new media» Festival, Montreal, 2000.
WWVF ‘world wide video festival’, Amsterdam, 2000.
Festival “Net.congestion”, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2000.
“European Media art festival”, Osnabrück, Germany, 2000.
Festival “Version 2000”, Centre for the contemporary image, Geneva, Switzerland, 2000.
«Free biennial», New York, United States, 2001.
Collective Expo, Galerie Public, Paris, 1999.
Festival “Open 4”, Château de Bionnay, 1999.
Exhibition FIAC 1999, Stand of the Ministry of Culture, DAP, 1999.
Collective Expo, TV WONDERLAND, tasty nights of Belfort, 1999.
Collective Expo, Performance/Installation “Cream beauty if I were you”, Atheneum, Dijon, 1999.
“Cream beauty if I were you” personal exhibition, Gallery of the Web Bar, Paris, 1999.
Personal exhibition “the days keep me in sleep”, Gallery of Web Bar, Paris, 1999.
Collective exhibition “caramels Eden Eden”, Parthenay, 1997.


Conference Google lab Institute, virtual reality and otherness, Paris, March, 2015.
Conference, manifest degree 48, the laboratories of aubervilliers, nov 15, 2013.
Conference at the Institut National de l’audiovisuel, Paris, April 2013.
WorkShop fine arts of Marseille, March 2013.
Conference/Workshop ENSAD PARIS, March 2012.
Conference Institute Franco Japanese February 2012.
Conference on RG2012, Maison des arts of Malakoff, Nov 2008.
Gallery of Lorient, Dec, 2011 Conference.
Workshop at the Art-Deco in Strasbourg, April 2010.
Conference at the EHESS/Café des sciences, Paris, feb2010.
Conference at the Maison des métallos, future in Seine, Paris, June 2009.
Workshop & conference, «Festival K3», Lorient, March 2009.
Conference Cité des sciences, La Villette, Paris, Dec 2008.
Conference festival “UPgrade”, House Pop, Montreuil, Nov 2008.
Conference DotRed, Festival night digital, Reims, Oct 2008.
Conference school superior of architecture and graphic art, Ivry, Oct 2008.
Conference DotRed: Cooperative practices, Brest Forum, July 2008.
Conference “the net and money: the DotRed experience”, plateau, Frac Ile de France, July 2008.
Conference at the Pompidou Centre “DotRed”, may 2008.
Conference at the Carrefour des possibles, La Fing, Paris, may 2008.
Conference on «Social networks», Vidéoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, March 2008.
Conference cycle ‘Internet my love’, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Feb 2008.
Presentation of the project ‘2067’ by Annick Rivoire, BNF, Paris, 2007.
Conference at the Beaux-arts of Dijon, March 2004.
Conference ‘Workshop in network’, Digital Flaherty, New York, United States, 2001.
Conference Preload, St Charles, Paris I, 2000.
Conference, Forum des images, Paris, 2000.
Workshop des Beaux-arts de Nantes, in 1999.
Conference, Milky voice, lands, Montbéliard, 1998.
Conference to local access, Paris, 1998.
Conference SAGA – Art in networks, Paris, 1996.
Conference ‘the book links’, MILIA, Paris, 1996.


Neural, April 2013 review – Humanpedia printing error (English).
Poptronics.fr: Serial boot: 10 audio articles: 2010
Poptronics.fr: series nextgen: 12 items.
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Publication in the journal POST «the Grapevine: towards a new media? “, 2000.


Residency at the Crane, Chevigny, July 2013.
Gaîté lyrique, 2012 – Residence Production on 1 year – creating clock 2067.
Centre Databaz, Angoulême, 2010 – Residence Humanpedia.
Residency project DOTRED, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2008.
Interactive screen. BANFF, Canada, 2001.
Residency at the CICV Montbéliard, 1996.


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BandNewsfm (Brazil), International Herald tribune (US), Esp (China), Haaretz (Israel), Cotidianul
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Book: Art and the Internet collection “imagination: how-to” editions art circle.


Scholarship CNC-Dicream, 2016
Scholarship Dicream, 2013
Scholarship Dicream – 2011/12.
Scholarship Arcadi – 2011/12.
Price Scam, dreams of a digital draft, 2011.
Helps the production – CNC – Dicream 2008.
Price Scam, dreams of a digital draft, 2008.
Grant Dicream, project Hypermoi, CNC, 2007.
The cost of the Scam, 2000.
Grant DAP, Tv – art.NET, 1999.


Disc hard paper “The pier”, library Kandinsky, Centre Pompidou, March 2013.
Binary stelae, space Gantner, Montbeliard, 2014.