EXOST1 is a series of stones / pebbles collected from natural sites (beaches, forests, peri-urban areas, etc.) the interior of which has been dug in order to insert an energy-independent electronic memory component that beats at the frequency of 13.56 MHz and which will contain in its heart a particular message from the human cultural heritage.
Once the message / chip inserted inside the stone, seen as a natural and almost indestructible container, it will be replaced on its original site in “passive” mode, ie waiting for ” be activated in order to deliver his message”.
Each rstone will carry in addition to the message, its gps position, the date of its creation and the name of a potentially habitable exoplanet.

The EXOST1 project is a LANDART-type project that proposes to leave fragments of our civilization for archaeologists of the future or extra-terrestrial civilizations from exoplanets with the technological means to decode them.
It is also possible for visitors to the intervention sites in question to read these connected rollers using a mobile phone with the NFC (near field communication) function.
The artist’s project is to work on different sites in order to operate the implementation of Exost1 with the update of a map of interventions visible on the internet.