Levitation is a virtual reality project that installs the viewer in a specific sensory and Visual environment where senses are disturbed to be ultimately increased. Levitation is produced in collaboration with Bastien Didier. Levitate received the grant of CNC-DICREAM production, in co-production with VRLAB. Web site: http://levitation.vrlab.fr

Kronos – Time currency

The Kronos project proposes the creation of a currency whose index is based on the human time. The Kronos currency is a currency in network that uses the blockchain as a unifying tool, decentralized and secure. Web site: www.kronos.money

Binary stelae

The “binary Steles” are memory works on which is inscribed the computer code of historical audio-visual works for perennial storage face the fragility and the obsolescence of the current digital media. It was produced several objects in ‘classic’ materials (stone, aluminium, wood…) which were engraved with the binary code of some important content files. Presentation : ddp-anglais  

Radio 2067

“RADIO 2067” is a series of 15 radios whose frequencies line is replaced by a time-line starting from 1900 until… today. Thus, by moving the wheel, it is possible to listen to the music of the year on which the cursor is located. Electronics was directed by Grégoire Lauvin. An exclusive partnership with TIVOLI France,…